Access Blocked for My Tracking Link - [ SOLVED ]


I just started with using qliker

I have set up my first tracking link

When I test that link in my own browser I get access blocked page

I tried accessing the link from my mobile phone network and still get the same page

Kindly help as I am putting togethere some project which requires me to be up and running ASAP

Also my opt-in page once someone puts in their details they are redirected to the offer page…even that redirect is not working

Kindly help ASAP

Hello @champion87

Do you still have a problem with this, because we fixed the problem over the email?

Slavko Belic

Yes the invalid link issue is resolved

However I had also raised a complain for my IP address is blocked. Also had shared the screenshot

That issue is still pending

Your IP is somehow behind a proxy, do you use public network?

In Qliker we have a filter for preventing access bot, proxy, abuser and server visit. If you want to disable this you need to change ‘Main Filters’ in links/rotator options.

Slavko Belic