Ad swap rotators - not progressing

Hi, The above adswap rotator of mine doesn’t seem to progress due to some reason.

Please can you help


Hello, unfortunately you will need to go a lil further with your explanation I am not able to grasp what you are aiming at… regards


My user id is I have the below 3 adswap rotators which is not moving for some reason :
MoniqueC100c180919 - CB partner
AChow100c180919 - CB partner
CJLee100c180919 - CB partner

Similarly my tracker links to them seems to be stuck as I’m not receiving any clicks:


Please can you help so that this will progress towards completion.

Let me know if you need my password

Gopal B
+65 81748083

randomizer for that rotator is inactive, watch our tutorial videos in “help” menu to get a grip on how qliker works…

that’s completely up to them when they start with traffic delivery you will be able to see clicks on your stats