ARecord and cloaking and an IP Record needed - [ FIXED ]

I want to cloak affiliate URLs using QLiker -

Not CNAME as I want to use the domain but the domain is ready.

How do I set it up so I can turn an affiliate URL into like:

and still have the domain name running a live website or squeeze page.

It is to do with ARecords and an IP address that you guys need to give me I think.

Please advise asap thanks - I am already late to deadline.



my hosting company support guy said something about …

go into Zone Editor you can add/change A records for the domain to point to the IPs you need it to point to

please help me!!!

You need cname for what you want to accomplish.

Check this video where it explains adding custom domain:

Dear Qliker:

What if I already used up my CNAME for something else ( Is there other methods that I can still cloak the links?

You can use different CNAME for example .

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May I know why is it that I am still getting error! Many thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Please see above image which shows my DNS entry! :slight_smile:

Hi @matthewlsl31,

You add a dot after domain, dot is removed and all is ok now.