Creating a rotator and adding multiple URL's to it

Would someone in this forum be so kind as to provide me a PDF as to how I setup a rotator and add multiple URL’s to it. I watched the video many times but he doesn’t go into adding multiple URL’s. I also see you can’t incorporate your custom domain like you can in creating links.
All help in this will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Dwight Peterson

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Hello @pete1243,

Check our video at 6:24 - Rotators Section Video - YouTube this video explains how to add a link in the rotator. If you want to create multiple URLs at once use our Import data option Qliker | Login

Slavko Belic

Can you please supply me with the link for this video on You Tube. As I stated I’ve watched the Qliker video several times and cannot figure out how to set everything up especially multiple URL’s. I’m struggling with this and I need some help.
Thank you

That’s the same video I’ve watched many times, along with being confused, I couldn’t find where the import data option is located. I just completely confused and need some more clarification.
Thank you for your assistance, it greatly appreciated.