Detail changed at rotator

Hi, please help… it’s urgent. (Thanks!)
At my mixed rotator, when i keyed in my customer’s particulars, at the ‘position’, i was very sure i keyed in “position 1” as i did check 3 times before i saved and activated. But now i checked again, why it suddenly changed to “position 2”? Then i tried to amend to “1” and pressed saved again but it keeps returning back to position "2’. Please help, let me know how to amend to “position 1” and may i know what is the “position” means/for? Also, it’s been 12 hours already not even on click is delivered to this customer yet, customer has asked me… please help. Your speedy response is greatly appreciated, thank you!


Zyk, please check if you select randomize in rotator settings?

Slavko Belic

Hi Belicslavko,
Thanks so much for your reply.
I selected mixed rotator. By the way, may i know how to check if it is “randomize”, where can i check?
Thank you!

In rotator settings. click on rotator name and it will have randomise under options.

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ok thanks, let me login to see…

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hi, ii clicked on mixed rotator link under my customer’s name, there is no “randomise” button …

ok let me look thru…thanks so much

hi, i am sorry… i can’t find the "edit rotator’ button to click on to access to the screen you just showed me…sorry i am newbie not so familiar yet… thank you for your patient

btw, am i supposed to tick on “randomize” and “enable”?

You need to disable randomize if you not need a randomize link position. If you still have a problem, please send on your qliker email address and your rotator name where you got a problem.