Downgrade Subscription - [ SOLVED ]


I would like to check the following;

  1. My account was just deducted $35 for advance subscription. However, when I check the subscription in manage billing, noted the subscription for advance is $23 only. Can you please advise on the discrepancy?
  2. If I wish to downgrade to starter today, will Qliker refund the subscription fee that I just pay or prorate/ Please advise.


Hi kaseyway,

You can select new starter package and I will refund 35$ for old package, if this OK for you?

Slavko Belic

Hi Slavko,

I am okay with that but just want to confirm the procedures. So, i go to manage billing, select starter package and pay $8 subscription plan again. Do I need to inform you after I change my plan so that you can refund the sum?

Thanks in advance.


HI kaseywey,

I see your payment, your refund has been sent.


I have the same issue
How come I got charge twice of $35 - why $35 when the advanced plan is $23?

I m confused by your answer - if I click your plans - it is still $23 per month

Hi scheungyyz,

Old price is Limited Time Offer for our beta users.