[FIXED] - Adding a Custom Domain

I have 2 question about adding domain

  1. When I adding domain by CNAME record what I use for Host in advance DNS setting? @ or www?

  2. My domain is showing as custom domain but not working and at the end of my domain my Qliker username is showing. How can I remove my username from my custom domain? I want to use only domain name as tracker. Is this possible here like ClickMagick?

Waiting for your reply


  1. For cname use only domain ‘qliker.io
  2. To hide username select YES for Mask url


Thank you for your info.
Now its hide my username

Another problem:
When I try to Cloak my link using my custom domain system automatically redirect to default qltrk.com first then it showing as cloak. But how can I cloak using my custom domain where only show my custom domain in browser address?

Hey @rakib sorry for delay

CNAME redirect is removed, check again

Now Clock option totally not working with Custom Domain or Default Link.
Blank page showing for any link
But when I select Redirect Only its working with Custom Domain

I add 2 domain in your Acc. Check now, you have cname link and cname rotator with cloak domain, and all work OK. Maybe you have problem with something else? Check this link/rotator?

Just create 2 test link with your domain

Redirect Test

Cloak Test

Please check both of these

Sorry, I think you mean on domain cloak, not address bar cloak, my mistake. Check now?

Yes. Now its work perfectly.
Thank you