[FIXED] - Asc/Desc Order, Group Filter, Link Position in Rotator

Tracking Links not keep in Ascending/Descending order. Its coming with no asc/desc order although I set it by click on NAME. This is problem to organize link in proper way.

Another problem is when I select group its showing All link/rotator if I refresh/reload page in every time.

Final one is, when I add URL in rotator there is no way to change their position. But I need this to send traffic on priority.

Hope these will fix soon

Hi, @rakib can you add more details (Browser and OS), or better record video?

Here’s I record a video about some problem

Still not get any reply here

Hey @rakib sorry for delay

there was some priority given to older bug reports plus its the weekend so our developers need some time for their families… It should be fixed in the next few days…



  • Group filter fixed
  • Priority delay fixed
  • Main table URL count without archived links fixed

About your pixels, check now, If you have problem again send link to me on PM or send on mail info@qliker.io