[FIXED] - Error when upgrade plan

upgraded to advance plan. somehow account still shiwing free plan.

got this error when trying to change plan.

(1/1) InvalidArgumentException
ReturnUrl is not a fully qualified URL

in UrlValidator.php line 23
at UrlValidator::validate(null, ‘ReturnUrl’)
in MerchantPreferences.php line 107
at MerchantPreferences->setReturnUrl(null)
in PayPalModel.php line 256
at PayPalModel->assignValue(‘return_url’, null)
in PayPalModel.php line 244
at PayPalModel->fromArray(array(‘setup_fee’ => array(‘currency’ => ‘USD’, ‘value’ => ‘0.00’), ‘max_fail_attempts’ => ‘0’, ‘return_url’ => null, ‘cancel_url’ => null, ‘notify_url’ => null, ‘id’ => null, ‘state’ => null, ‘auto_bill_amount’ => ‘YES’, ‘initial_fail_amount_action’ => null, ‘accepted_payment_type’ => null, ‘char_set’ => null))
in PayPalModel.php line 223
at PayPalModel->fromArray(array(object(PaymentDefinition)))
in PayPalModel.php line 223

Hello @myneo thanks for bug report, check now, problem is fixed.