Function - How to only view ACTIVE LINKS, not archived, not all linked groups?

How to only view ACTIVE LINKS, not archived, not all linked groups ?

Right now, I can only view Áll’or Áchived’ Links under Qliker.
I need to view the ACTIVE Links only - Qilker seems to be unable to do so ?!

Hi and welcome to Qliker forum :slight_smile:
You cant view active links only since all links are active until archived. What you can do is sort by TCL or UCL and see active that way.

I hope I helped, if not, ask further questions.

Best regards, Ivo Polic.

But TCL or UCL will still be the same even though it is archived, right ?

Also, everytime, I need to retype the From Period and To Period in the LINKS page. I intend to view all Active Links. It is defaulted to be today in the Qilker, or only this month. Sometimes, your ACTIVE activities are actually across two months or even three months !!

Very inconvenient for me, as a user in Qliker.

Yes, but you can use show active links only for that case.

You cna pick any date which you prefer and it will be saved.

  1. I suggest Qliker support to enhance the Search function under LINKS page, as the searching function only shows ‘All LINKED GROUPS’ or ‘ARCHIVED’. It does not have option to select ‘ACTIVE’ linked groups which creates a lot of inconvenience for me, as Qliker user.

  2. The function for selection of dates got some problem. It will not automatically save the FROM DATE and TO DATE you inputted. User needs to input the date range “EVERY TIME” ! It is NOT convenient. Awaiting functional upgrade on the LINK PAGE !

Just create a new Group for your Links and call it Active Links, after that move all of your active links there.

I’ve just tried to pick a random date for my links and it stays at that date range after I refresh my dashboard,
can you take a video of issue you are speaking about?

Hi Qliker support (Igor)

After create a new Active Link group, how to move existing links to this active link ?

Check PM, I’ve sent you an image regarding to this