How do i set up custom domain with namecheap

I hope that you are all well. I have signed up today. And I want to add custom domain with namecheap. But, I do not see anywhere proper guideline or tutorial that can help me to set up sucessfully custom domain CNAME. So, help me to set up custom domain with namecheap. I have seen that clickmagick has good instruction to set up custom domain set up. So, please send me a link where I can set up easily custom domain CNAME easily with namecheap.


Shouldn’t you be asking this question to Namecheap as CNAME is domain related?

I have seen a good tutorial clickmagick, they easily guide how to use Custom domain with Namecheap. You should also have setting tutorial. Because user can use namecheap, godaddy or other platform. But, I do not use clickmagick before. I am first in qliker.


Hi, check this topic:

Ok, thanks for solution. I hope that it will work for me.

Hey Igor, what am I missing?
I have namecheap and am trying to do the custom domain in qliker as well. The host column won’t allow a (.) or leave it blank as suggested in another chat. Can this be done from namecheap or does it have to be done from a hosting platform like hostgator or bluehost?

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