How to Track Keywords that Lead to Sales on Qliker?

Hey Guys!

Can anyone help me figure out how to set up tracking for Keywords that lead to sales? I’m doing PPC and I have already linked the tracking to my ads but it does not show me what keywords generated the click like it does in ClickMagick. This is important as it tells me which keywords are netting conversions.

I asked support about this and I was told that Qliker does indeed have the feature and to just ask how to enable it in the forum. Can anyone drop me a hint?


Hi there and thnx for posting on forum :slight_smile:

You can use subids for this, so your link should look something like this: → this part is how normal link looks like → this part has added /keyword and then you just click on tcl on that link in stats table and you will see all keywords.

I hope I explained it enough :slight_smile:

Best regards, Ivo Polic.


Hello Ivo,

so basically I just add “/keyword” to may Qliker tracking link? It is not working though and sends me to a 404 page.


Please paste your tracking link here


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Do I set this on my Qliker tracking link or on the tracking template on Bing/Adwords?

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This link works perfectly ok as you can try by clicking on it.

You set on tracking template on bing/adwords.

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thanks for clarifying that. I set it up on bing/adwords. Now to see keywords, I just click on TCL? I only see “keyword” there though



I have received numerous clicks to my ads and still I don’t see any of it on my Qliker dashboard-- only the word “keyword” as shown above. It seems support lied. Qliker does not tell you what keywords trigger the click/sales as it does with Clickmagick as shown below. This means that Qliker is worthless to me.

I want to cancel my account and request a refund. I was charged even before the free trial could end.


please give us your qliker account email so we can refund you.


Refund sent :slight_smile: have a nice day