Https option for qliker links? (Http is causing browser errors.)

Hello, I hope you’re doing awesome!

I have https enabled on my personal website.

However, the Qliker links do not allow https (that I’m aware of right now).

Screenshot of the “hardcoded” http in Qliker below.

Because of this, I am getting browser errors saying the Qliker links are not secure and I am unable to use them as a result.

Is there any way to get Qliker links to default to https instead of http?

Thank you for your help and happy Monday!

Hello Sean, just add https instead of http to your qliker link it will work like that…

Thanks Igor.

But if it’s on a rotator and redirects then it defaults to http because it’s hard coded in the interface.

Any way around that?

Happy Wednesday!

I assume that you need to include that hard coded rotator link somewhere and there put https instead of http

I can put https: for the original link on my own webpage.

But when someone clicks then that link redirects on a rotator the next link which is http by default.

Does that make sense?

Thanks again!

Hi Sean, yes next link will be http but dont worry its just there for a fraction of a second.