IPv6 address and Hostname ERROR... ERROR


I am receiving traffic from my vendor. From my PS link, my UCL click log shows IPv6 type of IP address and Hostname ERROR…ERROR. What does this type of traffic mean?

Usually I see a small no. say, 2 - 4 of such traffic every 100c, but now I see 2 - 4 in 25c (as per this attached example). So, in total i might see 8 -10 traffic like this in 100c. Is this normal?

If it is abnormal, is it possible to block it?

As I have different vendors sending me traffic, is it possible to identify or mark each vendor’s traffic in Qliker?



It is perfectly normal to have such amount of IPV6 addresses so no need to worry about it.

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Thanks! Good to know these are not problematic or bot traffic.

This leads me to a separate but related qns… how can we determine bot traffic in the UCL, as some of my customers has alerted of bot traffic sent to them. Thanks.

Honestly if bot is good, there is no way to detect it. Whoever says different lies. Even google has problems with bots clicking on their ads :frowning:

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