More clicks billed than I sent?


I recently signed up for a free account. I’ve only setup a few links/rotators and sent test traffic (less than 5 clicks). However, when I check the all time stats, it doesn’t even add up to the amount that is being shown in the billing cycle clicks.

Could you please explain this?

Hello @apdream

Do you use reset on links/rotator?

Slavko Belic


I’ve reset after I did testing which was only for a few clicks. no more than 4 or 5 clicks

Your all rotators and links (7from9) are reseted. That’s why you don’t see clicks in the dashboard.


Im not sure I follow.

There is a discrepancy of over 110 clicks. When I reset some of the links they don’t add up to more than 10 total clicks.

But this still doesn’t add up because in the dashboard when you set the date to all time, it shows the past clicks total as well which I screenshot and compared to with what the billing cycle is as shown in the attached photo above.

So that click I took a screenshot of shows all the past clicks cause those numbers don’t add up with the links/rotator data I currently have.

Hello, you’ve done a reset on your links and rotators therefore your dashboard stats are not following billing cycle counter… regards