Now I really paid 2 times 23 - [SOLVED]

and pls let me know how to stop getting " my subscription is canceled" email
I have nothinig to do just just click the plan aagin and again and I would get paying money forvever…

now I paid 8 dollars once , and 23USD twice , just was afraid that I would lost clicks
could u refund me 23USD and 8 USD and make sure that I paid 23 will not make my account stop again…

Now is OK, two payment is refunded.

I got thus emil agagin

Hello Virginia Wei,

Your account has been temporary suspended due reaching Maximum allowed clicks
in your plan.

Please visit our billing section at
to upgrade your plan.

This message is automated. If you have any questions please visit

Best regards,
Qliker team

but my clicks is stilll far from the plan I chose

Im confussed thanks

Clear cookies in your browser and try again. Email should be OK.