Qliker Changelog

# Changelog
All notable changes to Qliker project will be documented in this file.


We didn’t update changelog for LONG time so here are basics what we did in the meantime:

  • added advanced filters to rotator links (Udimi sellers will be happy)
  • added browser targeting
  • added system targeting
  • moved to new payment processor(yes, we finally accept credit cards)
  • added TC max clicks and/or max clicks daily on links and all rotator modes except spillover
  • added block IP with wildcard
  • increased limit of clicks on some packages
  • added loading icons when we predict wait time
  • added analyser results graph pie for FCL/BCL
  • updated filter database
  • added forwarding of GET variables on link
  • added subid’s on links and forwarding of same on rotator
  • increased speed of public stats
  • added CPC RAW(+filtered optionally) cost type on links
  • save display settings on account level when switching devices
  • added tutorials section on forum
  • 1000+ of bug fixes


  • visual improvements on groups
  • public stats bug fix
  • drag & drop priority fix
  • referral insert fix
  • sequential same URL fix
  • subid rotator backup improvement
  • URL validation improvement
  • user settings backup fix
  • added skip URL verification on the rotator
  • T1 and T2 traffic distribution improvement
  • UC sort on rotator fixed
  • big improvement on spillover mode


  • added scroll on billing page for 10+ payments
  • fixed BUG in ROI transactions
  • fixed infinity on links footer
  • removed priority from random rotators
  • added Treat Tablets Like mobile/desktop
  • improvement for select input on the mobile device
  • fixed sort UC on public stats
  • improvement on split test
  • fixed bug for spilt test pixels output URL in the table
  • improvement on IP bulk import and IP manager
  • data range improvement
  • added subid logic
  • added postback URL logic
  • fixed USL search BUG
  • added default 1min on randomizing
  • bugfix on htaccess redirect
  • fixed autocomplete bug on date inputs
  • fixed Public Stats bug on archived links
  • improvement in Unique traffic
  • fixed mobile graph on Public Stats
  • add more security on login and signup
  • add https redirect for non-secured links
  • improvements on Filter detections (Proxy, Server, Crawler, Bot)
  • fixed bug on mobile/ios links
  • added filter on our crawler (URL validation)
  • added footer created/last reset date on rotators links
  • improvement validation on rotators links form


  • link table footer sum fixed
  • fixed double transaction
  • improvement billing page
  • improvement for copy paste link from facebook
  • Traffic Analysis fix


  • Fixed subid’s
  • Fixes on split test
  • Fixes on split test segments
  • Rotator modes other then spillover (spillover is solved in last update)
  • Fixes on billing
  • Promo prices period is over
  • Added cancel subscription
  • Problem with 404 page
  • Different payment methods for manual payment other then PayPal
  • Fixed date filter
  • URL name in subtitles
  • Fixed sort by unique in subtables
  • Fixed double-adding of rotator links on mobile devices
  • Changes to space time continuum


  • Fixed cost on links bug
  • Fixed blank referrers bug
  • Fixed split test deletion bug
  • Fixed engagement bug
  • Fixed public stats to always show all time
  • Fixed mass delete on rotators with big amount of clicks
  • Fixed copy to clipboard for IOS devices
  • Fixed bug when adding new link with remembered countries
  • Fixed mobile bug in rotator
  • New feature activate rotator link when another link is delivered
  • Notification for clients when order starts/ends
  • Performance upgrades on all areas of Qliker
  • Fixed hover texts on public stats
  • Added remote starts option in rotator links
  • Auto-refresh drop down with groups
  • Fixed entire algo for Spillover rotators
  • Fixed top of rotator
  • Added Direct Link and Direct Link Spillover to spillover rotators
  • Fixed Ignore last url when randomising
  • Auto remove space when adding url’s
  • Spillover link 100% and 0% conditions now work as they should
  • Links hamburger menu copy/view public stats link
  • Archived rotator links are not anymore in algo when sorting
  • Rotator links now have option to add remote statistics
  • Links/Rotators/Rotators Links now have info icon which on hover shows Notes
  • Fixed domain manager bug


  • When adding new group link/rotator group selector is auto-refreshed


  • Speedup of actions, engagements and sales in admin area
  • Speedup of IP info retrieval in admin area


  • Add Rotator and Add Link buttons are now visible on smaller resolution.
  • User Profile/Filtering - option to NOT CHANGE some of the default settings and not apply it to rotator/links.
  • Under link, price setting will now work with 0.0* (for example 0.03)
  • Session issue with public stats not working
  • Continuing work on spilover rotator


  • Remove unneeded space when pasting links
  • Blok renamed to block
  • Continuing work on spilover rotator


  • Server filter on rotator
  • Bug with selected archived links
  • Screenshots problem
  • Copy filters when cloning links
  • Front link clone problem
  • Fixed Traffic Analysis on link
  • Pixel loading speed
  • Dashboard loading speed
  • Dashboard numbers
  • Changes to space-time continuum :slight_smile:


  • Pub. stats will show raw count for ACT & ENG for some users on master table fixed
  • Copy tracking link from preview popup when using custom domain won’t work fixed


  • Compatible date range for all timezones (pub. stats, dashboard)
  • Billing button(dashboard) not working for mobile users fixed
  • Disable pixels conversions for archived links is now possible
  • Lowcase checks included upon rotator clone
  • Filter on rotator level(“server” type only ) will slip some clicks to backup link if set as blocked fixed


  • Complete logic behind funnel entry link(including subgroup links) is now revised
  • Option to disable pixels conversions for any link is now available


  • Fixed bug with flagged clicks in rotators details
  • Fixed difference on backup redirect within 2 rotators


  • Pixel counting solved
  • Pixel code execution improved by several time


  • 3x performance improvements


  • IP Manager
  • Link checker for duplicate entries solved (clone, quick edit, add new)
  • Rotator performance upgrades
  • Direct link fix


  • Solved raw clicks issue on spilover
  • Performance upgrades


  • Solved spilover not working properly


  • Solved min T1 not working properly


  • Solved handling of google save-data phones/tablets
  • Solved problems with payment buttons


  • 3x speed improvement on rotators and links
  • Improved unique system
  • Rotator link Max Daily fixed
  • Rotator link Start date & End Date fixed
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