Qlitrk.com Black Listed

qlitrk.com is on a couple of blacklists again… I used the domain RD… it’s not working… my ESP won’t send my emails with qlitrk.com link… help please.

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Hi, we can not affect what people use to send with our links BUT you can set up custom domain with cname option and we are sure it will be fine. Go to tools/domain manager to do that.

Best regards, Qliker Support.

I have tried using the info for htacess… it doesn’t work!

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As I said use cname method :slight_smile:

where are the instrux for that?

Just follow instructions on tools/domain manager

Ya… it comes back with Cname cannot be verified

Please check DNS entry, fix error and try activating again… did it like the video explanation… doesn’t work…

This is still not working with CName change verified

You need to set correct cname on your dns entry.

that has been changed as per your instrux… what do you mean?

Did you set cname correctly in your DNS settings of domain itself?

Hello Lacy, did you get this issue resolved? We are having the same issue

Support can you please help asap


Hi… sorry… just saw this… yes I had to use custom domain and just kept trying until it worked… the instrux are very vague…