Sending traffic to my customer website

Hi, Support Team,
I need to send traffic to customer website, landing page or optin page, with 1000 clicks,
they do not hv qliker,

  1. how do i setup on my qliker ? in rotator ??
  2. how do they know they have received 1000 clicks ??

Please advise asap.

Hi and thank you for reaching out to us.

  1. Yes, in rotator
  2. You can give them link to rotator link stats:

Hi, support team,

  1. in rotator, i put their landing or squeeze page URL under the “URL NAME” ?? is this correct ??
    eg. www.
  2. I don’t understand, could you explain in more details with example ??
    the link is in this format, from Qliker,
    but what’s my customer has to do?? put this link where ?? in the web page, or source code ?? or something
    they don’t hv Qliker at all, n they don’t need it ??

Please kindly advise with more examples and procedure how 's it is done.

Please find someone to mentor you and look at our videos to understand how Qliker works.