SmartSwap Feature


can anyone share how the SmartSwap feature works? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this feature?

SmartSwap is a simple but powerful feature that we implemented to help people who do “ad swaps” and “click swaps” maximize the value of every click.

Without SmartSwap technology, when you do an ad swap with someone you’ll often send them a lot of clicks from people who have already seen their offer or opted-in to their list, and vice versa.

This is just a huge waste of clicks for everyone.

While not a big problem if both sides get a ton of traffic and/or have large lists, this is a very real problem if one or both swap “partners” don’t …

… and the smaller the lists, the bigger the problem.

SmartSwap solves this problem. Here’s how it works …

When you want to do a swap with someone, explain to them how Qliker’s SmartSwap feature will ensure they get the most new, unique visitors possible.

Just instruct them to send you the agreed upon number of clicks first to one of your Qliker tracking links or rotators, so SmartSwap can do its job.

Then when it’s your turn to send them clicks back …

Simply set up another tracking link or add their URL to one of your rotators and enable SmartSwap by selecting the link or rotator that THEY sent YOUR clicks to.

When you do, Qliker will make sure that you don’t send them back any users that they sent to you first …

Completely eliminating wasted clicks on both sides.

Awesome feature. How do I ensure my cb partner also enable that?

You need to ask him to do that, there is no guarantee!