[SOLVED] - Custom Domain Cname is not working for me

I have added

but still not working… see here

I also tried opening www.mydomain.com and its redirecting me here then: Qliker | Login

what to do?

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try with www please. thank you!

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If you get redirected to http://qliker.io/app than it works, just assign your personal domain to links and you will see

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why do you mark thread as solved when its not solved or when the opener of that thread didn’t say its solved. thats creating lots of mis understanding… I am reading many threads which says solved but problem is still there… same as mine…

This is my link : http://learntoearnim.win/roc
see its a complete link but its opening me this error

but if I open the non custom domain URL its opening it perfectly…

whats wrong?

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share your dns zone and qliker domain manager screen

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works normally, you did not set dns correctly.



here you have both of the screen shots you asked me.

you pointed www.learntoearnim.win to qliker therefore you should add same domain to domain manager “www.learntoearnim.win”

I have done what you said but its still openint qliker.io/app for me

check your self> http://www.learntoearnim.win/ten

lemme know. Thanks

PM me your account email

its sent. Please check

Hi Igor, I am facing the exact same issue as Rocky. My custom domain will only redirect to qliker. But when I use qliker raw domain only I will be directed to my desired website. Need help.

PM me your account email


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