[SOLVED] - Custom domain configuration


I didnt find any instructions thats why I’m reaching you here…

I want to add custom domain to my Qliker account. Can please someone explain exactly what do I need to do on my namecheap account to create tracking domain and what for rotator domain.

Please look at the attached picture. This is an example of configuration for CM (clickmagick) tracking domain. All that I needed to do was change host records and add domain under domain manager section.

Thank you for your answers.


use same procedure as shown on image you posted above with Value “qliker.io.”


I did already yesterday and its more than 24hours but its still not working

This is what I get everytime when I try tracking link with custom domain

Please provide more specific instructions!

Thank you!

mate you added “www” as a host, try www.yourdomain.com it works like that

Still not working…

In DNS settings add just www under host. When accessing your site use www.yourdomain.com and it should work?