[SOLVED] Huge Click Distance With My Clients Link (CM)

Getting too much click distance from my clients link. Like if I send 100 pure funnel clicks they got only 70-75 clicks. With OD I need to send 130-140 clicks to complete only 110 clicks. I am loosing so many clicks. Please check it. Here’s one of example

Please give us public stats url for both your and his side. Thank you!

My Stats

Partner Stats

Hi, there is no dicrepency as I checked everything, the issue are causing your Main Filters in rotator set to do nothing if you look closely to your client stats you will see that he received all your clicks but some of them are blocked UC(102)+Blocked Clicks(27) = 129clks

Yes I set in Rotator Do Nothing because all of my incoming traffic tracking link I set All Block. So I set in my rotator Do Nothing. I think its not necessary to use All Block setting to everywhere because its already filtered in start. So, why again clicks filter in Rotator when its already filter in Tracking link? Can you inform me about it please?

Check what Igor said, there are no clicks missing.

Your calculation is right. But I’m using All Block setting for all of my incoming traffic. Afterall Block clicks hit to my clients URL. That means QLiker can’t block all block clicks. That’s why my client’s stats showing block clicks although I set all block at the first. That’s why I request to Igor to check this issue again. We are loosing many clicks for this. We purchase clicks from CM user and Deliver clicks most of CM user. May be some of block clicks can’t catch by Qliker. That’s why my link pass that clicks and our clients got Block clicks. Please think about that.