[SOLVED] - My account just dissapeared?!?!?!?!

What happened all the sudden I cant login or receive new password." These credentials do not match our records." WAS I BANNED?

Same here, I believe the website is down. Because it used to not load qliker.io, now it loads but can’t login too.

yes it was down and then unable to login too, thanks for letting me know im not alone

Now I can log in but small % of clicks disappeared.

Big apologies to Qliker team, while upgrading servers in datacenter they corrupted our database data so we needed to restore from backup. Backup is 3 hours old so any clicks or changes you did in last 3 hours are gone. We will prevent this in future by making database backups each 30 minutes. This should not happen and we will have “nice” chat with datacenter guys tomorrow. Thank you guys for understanding and our apologies!

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