Track Keyword/Sales use Subid

1st question
i would like to know how to enable subid 2?
i tried but the value only fill in subid 1. kindly advise.

2nd question
i need to track on which user is generating lead/sales. so i’m thinking to add subid1 & subid2
but there is some question in my mind
if i’m using link example it willl appear subid 1.
as the name of the source that generate lead/sales.
but since i’m putting it under rotator to call the squeeze page/sales page i’m afraid the subid1 will redirect to squeeze page/sales page and there is no way to keep pass down the value if subid to another next page.
kindly advise on this what is the best approach for this solutions.


Hello Agus,

I would advise you to segment your source of traffic by links itself, create a new link for each source and you will easily collect sales/actions/engagement days after your initial visit