Why I am not able to pay with paypal - [ FIXED ]

Its just charging from the card I have attached with paypal. I did trying pay with that but it didnt charged and my account which was completely ok before I tried paying nos says Your account was suspended due to late payment Pay Now… What is this?

Please activate my account and tell me an easy way to pay asap…

Dear rocky, it’s up to paypal if they will allow charge with credit card or not and we unfortunately can not do ANYTHING about it.

Please try again for 1 day and if nothing happens we will find alternate solution.

Please gimme the alternative solution right now may be some PayPal Id SO I could pay asap. As it says my account suspended… I am afraid as lots of clicks coming to me i need to track them asap.

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Your tracking links are active, only the admin part is suspended. Please check with PayPal about your problem. On our side all is OK. We working on alternative payments asap.

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Can you just provide for me your PayPal email so I could pay right away.

I need access to the admin panel right now.

PayPal says its about merchant side issue.

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Please check your email.

I did. Whats there?
I got an email from paypal that they charged me for qliker. But my account is still suspended … Why?

Rocky, please send mail on info@qliker.io with the emails which are used on PayPal and Qliker.io


My Qliker ID: shimonwin23@outlook.com
My Paypal ID: Mahound696@Gmail.com

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Waiting for your quick response

All is fixed. Reload page and check again.

PayPal id: azairi681@gmail.com