Action pixel and action count

Hi team,

Is there any way possible that the action pixel get conflicted?
Like putting multiple qliker action pixel in one page.

I’m doing multiple capture pages to one thank you page to tract
each traffic source performance.

Also all the action pixel look the same…
does that mean there’s no need to put multiple pixel in one my thank you page?

appreciate your response


Hi, I am not sure why would you use multiple action pixels on same page?



Because I’m testing different traffic sources to see how each source respond to my capture page.

So I have 5 different capture pages clocked by qliker and the leads will all go to the same thank you page.

That’s why I have 5 pixel in the thank you page.
Hope that make sense.


but you don’t need to have 5 different pixels(that will not work) for that, just create 5 different tracking links, one for each page…


Yeah but 5 different tracking link all have their piexl tho they look the same
and I want to track conversion rate.

Btw just to visualize what I’ve done so we’re on the same page.

qliker link#1 - capture page#1 -
qliker link#2 - capture page#2 -
qliker link#3 - capture page#3 - thank you page
qliker link#4 - capture page#4 -
qliker link#5 - capture page#5 -

So yeah 5 tracking links

Or you mean even with 5 tracking links I can only put one pixel in the thank you page and all links’ conversion rate stats will be tracked?


correct, put just one pixel on your thank you page, all links will get action pixel conversion for the visitors which came over that link, they will not get mixed…


Sure thanks Igor : )

btw what if I want to track button click rate?

my structure is like this.

capture page (sign up) - thank you page (button click) - nurture funnel (button click) - webinar

I want to track the percentage of people who visit nurture funnel that actually click the button and visit the webinar.

How do I do that?


put engagement pixel on nurture page


Just confirming, you mean both engagement pixel and tracking link on the nurture page?


I’ve lost you here, not sure what you wanna track there


no worry lol

so after the 6th reply I’m asking for tips to track thing different than the first 5 reply.
also I appreciate your patient.

so this is my structure.
capture page (sign up) - thank you page (button click) - nurture funnel (button click) - webinar

I want to track the percentage of the leads been through this funnel and end up landing on the webinar page.

since unlike the capture page to thank you page there’s no page between the tracking link and the webinar page. So the action pixel will just show 100% conversion rate. So I’m wondering how can I set up the tracking pixel and which one should I use?

and really thanks for being patient with me and trying to help : )


on thank you page (button click) put an acrion pixel in order to get optin stats, in order to get stats on how many visitors gone to your webinar page you need to have access to modify that page and put engagement pixel there…


just confirming

so (link) in the button click page and engagement pixel in the next page.

in my case

capture page (sign up) - thank you page (button click) - nurture funnel (button click) - webinar

webinar sign up page link will be in nurture funnel so link in nurture funnel and engagement pixel in webinar sign up page.

Is that correct? I hope it’s correct lol