Character limit

There is a character limit on the links or something blocking this.

What is the point of a shortener if you can’t use long tracking links!

When I try to shorten

It cuts off to

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Hello, as I can see you are including same domains few times in your link stated above which doesn’t make any sense to me, this is the first time someone asks for more character space… Are you sure your link needs to be so long?
This is how your link looks like without encode
W+ (1) Rapid Profit Machine | (1) Solo Ad Optin Copy



Hi Igor,

Thanks for your reply.

It does need to be this long as I have a number of automations in my email provider which uses variables in the emails.

The office.builderall is a redirect that cookies them to Builderall’s affiliate program and then redirects them to the optin page p2=

Then the redirect= is the redirect on the aweber optin form itself wehich redirects them to their W+ link

The Link is their link that is in the emails and needs to be seperate from the redirect as I cannot use the redirect tag in emails.

The mb list is the list that the affiliate specifies for their leads to be added to. This is all done by capturing the URL contents storing them in a cookie and then using these variables through the funnel and email campaign.

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Hi @jet32123 ,

The character limit is removed. You can now use long links.

Let me know if everything is ok now?

Slavko Belic