Cloaked Links Don't Redirect Properly To Rotator URLs if HTTPS or Custom Domains Are Used

Try this link you’ll see what I mean:

This link is cloaked. It should normally redirect to a rotator URL that is

If the link isn’t cloaked it will work.

Now try this:

It will work.

The difference is when you use https it doesnt work.

Why using https?

Well… when we use a custom domain, it uses https automatically.

So I guess this needs to be solved if we use custom domains.


I will mark this as resolved.

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No its not… try again https links won’t redirect properly.

Also try

I don’t know if you have seen the latest version of my post above…

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You should not use https links with custom domains, because it makes problem when browser tries redirections from non https to https and also it can show warning for invalid certificate!

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I don’t use https links… that was to demonstrate what happens when I use a custom domain with your system. Try the link above (…

It’s your system that redirects to which is an https link.

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Any updates on this unless I’m the only one experiencing this issue? Because its a major one… can’t use any cloaked links with a custom domain!

Try it again and see for yourself:


It should redirect to

But it doesn’t.

If I uncloak it, this will work.

But I need cloaking to work…

I think this shouldn’t be too hard to fix unless I’m wrong…

But your system simply redirect cloaked custom domains
to instead of

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Hey Remy there is definitely some issues combining pointed domains with url masking… pls be patient will sort this out… we are bursting right now with tasks… thanks for your insight…


Please… can anybody report if they have the same issue? Because I was chatting with another seller on Messenger and he keeps telling me that it is NOT an issue at all for him. All his custom domains that are cloaked (when using LINKS) redirect properly.

I really don’t get it anymore…

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Hi sir i have a issue regarding tracking link after generate the tracking link it showing which is showing not secure how to convert it on https://


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Hi, for any domain outside qliker links you need to be sure if they have SSL installed before using https… regards

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