Custom Domains Issues

Hi. I am trying to create custom domains.
I have 2 issues here.

  1. I tried to create the custom domain abc .com. I am able to activate it successfully.
    However, when I go to setup a link, it shows abc .com/l/accountname
    Can I just have my tracking link go to my custom domain directly?

  2. I tried to create a custom domain with .com. I am not able to activate it successfully.
    It prompts that my DNS has error and need to be fixed.
    However, I have followed the video and it is very straight forward.

Please advise.

Hello @successbiztraffic

  1. In domain manager you need to select Mask Url when adding a new domain
  2. I see that you are using cloudflare, if you are using the root domain just point to CNAME ( but if you are using a subdomain you need to disable “Proxied” (DNS only) and point to CNAME ( see image, I am using domain just for example: