[FIXED] - TCL & UCL & BCL Issue

Dear Support,

The traffic which we received from the TCL is really have a big gaps or different figure after deliver to UCL, beside this the BCL is filter a lot as well.

Can your site please look at this issue seriously ?


Hey, are you speaking about TCL/UCL difference on rotator table?

Yes, and also the BCL.

UCL + BUR = TCL clicks

Dear Support,

I didn;t facing any issue for BUR.

As mentioned early , I only facing issue for TCL, UCL,BCL.

For TCL and UCL have a big difference in my rotator and for BCL is filter a lot at buyer pub stats link.

You can refer to the below attachment and I believe that other user also facing the same issue .


He didnt have gap, tcl is ucl + bur combined

Dear Support Team,

To ensure yours understand the actual problem from our site, I have attached a few photo from my rotatar and the buyer pub stats as well. Please have a look ,

My rotator:
The discrepancies is about 45%.

The discrepancies is about 42%.

Buyer Pub stats:

The discrepancies is about 28%.

Can yours please have a look and understand the issue?

Your help is highly appreciated.


ok, I checked your account, update for UCL/TCL issue is going live today… Also your filters are turned off on your rotator it would be better if you turn them ON…


Dear Support Teams,

Do you mentioned about this?

Please advice if you have other .


Dear Support Teams,

Kindly please update at here once the UCL/TCL issue resolved , PLEASE.

Please don;t close this case while the update for UCL/TCL issue is going live today.

Thanks again.


Set all your filters to block…

New code is up to date

Hi Support,

May I know what is the new code ? New configuration and new setting?

Raw issue is fixed, check your account