Forwarding variables and how to push them out of Qliker

SubIds are a great help in tracking specific traffic in your rotator. If you want to track the SubIds and push them outside of your rotator, you need to use variables. Using this method, your subids will go to the links inside your rotator and they will appear in the address bar. You can search for your the forwarding variables by:

  1. Click on your Rotator Header
  2. Click on the name of the rotator
  3. Click “info” below the Rotator link

After copying the rotator link, you can go to the link you want to put your SubId variables on. As an example, we will use var1=string and you want to push SubId1 which is equivalent to [s1].

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Copy the rotator link
  2. Go to Links Header
  3. Create a Primary link using the rotator link
  4. Add the variable/s and its equivalent SubId/s. The link will look like this:[s1]