GetResponse cloaked link not previewing or opening directly

AFternoon, support! I am cloaking a few different affiliate links of mine today in one sitting
and previewing
each one to make sure they work. So far they all have previewed great…

except When I cloaked my GetREsponse affiliate link.

I have also contacted GetREsponse affiliate team to see if
they are compatible with or if there is another problem
with my affiliate link for them, but thought I’d reach out to you as well
in the meantime while I await their response.

UPDATE: OOPS there doesnt seem to be a way to attach screenshot
images yet. apologies. I do have screenshots of what i get, but apparently
can’t see a way to attach them yet, so here’s the step by step results i got:

1st time I previewed my new GetR cloaked link: it opened to a “getrsponse refused to connect page”

when i tested it again on my incognito browser: same thing.

when i use my direct affiliate ink for get response: the page opens fine.

I’m waiting their reply in the meantime. I think for the email I want
to send my clients promoting Get REsponse I will jsut use my direct
affiliate link for now.

thankyou kindly,
Troy Arrandale


Hello @TroyArrandale,

Cloak options work on iframe logic, some companies block iframe on their domain. In your case, GetResponse set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘deny’.

Slavko Belic


wow thanks! Get Response support is also looking at this, but haven’t gotten back to me yet. thanks for responding so quickly, and I will not cloak my Get Response affiliate link, then.
I will also await their reply as well :slight_smile: