How Do I Add Qliker Leads to AWeber Follow-up Series?- [SOLVED]

The following link is to my Public Stats Link, in Qliker. How do I add the Leads from Qliker, to AWeber Legacy Follow-up Series; since my campaign started much ealier than expected without the AWeber Legacy Follow-up Series updated and activated. Therefore, nearly all the leads had already clicked on the URL but could not access the Landing Page. I had not discovered this until 102, of the 110 leads had already clicked the URL, leaving me with only about six (6) Subscribers.

I was informed, after contacting support for Jaszdeep Singh, my lead source, that I could load the leads into–export them from Qliker to AWeber, but I don’t know how. Can you walk me through this?

Thank you, in advance,

Theodore Franks


we are tracking service therefore we are not able to collect your leads, our purpose is to track traffic quality and engagement, in your case Aweber is the one who is collecting leads for you…


Thank you for explaining your role in my business, with regard to autoresponders and tracking software!