How do I enable the 14-Day Trial? My issue was closed and I could not respond

Hello @belicslavko! You closed my issue even though it was not resolved and I could not respond. I’m reopening this issue once more.

As I mentioned, this is my first time signing up for a new account hoping to do a test run of the software - meaning I have not received or used any free trial only once. You advertise on your platform a 14-day trial for new sign-ups. If this has changed and you’re no longer honoring or providing free trials then please let me know. However, do not just close the issue without resolving the matter. Right now, I’m getting the error message “Your account was suspended due to late payment.” Can you kindly provide the 14-day free trial as advertised? Thanks

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Hello @realmktghelper ,

To try our software you need to register again (I removed the previous registration) and fill up all information and subscribe to our plan (Small, Medium, or Large). The first 14 days will be without payment. You can cancel the plan in 14 days and you will not be charged.

Qliker Team

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Thanks for the support @belicslavko! I was able to successfully register for the 14-day trial. Feel free to close the issue.