How do i pass sub id


im setting up my funnel and am wondering how i can pass the subid from one page to the next. im able to assign a subid value to ‘s1’ using ‘[clickid]’ but it wont pass the s1 value to the next link.

the way i have my links setup are as follows:

1 - link to front page > [qliker tracking link #1]/[clickid]
2 - front page url > [url]/?s1=[clickid]
(so far this works correctly)

(this is where the subid wont pass)
3 - link inside front page going to page 2 > [qliker tracking link #2]/[s1]
4 - page 2 url > [url]/?s1=[s1]

the end result for the url, using as an example, shows exatcly like this:
google com/?s1=[s1]

-where is should be:
google com/?s1=4783472084 (or whatever the initial ‘clickid’ was set to in the ‘qliker tracking link #1’.

I see that clickmagick has a javascript snippet that needs to be placed in the before the tag, is that the same with qliker?

Please help, thank you in advance.

Hello, unfortunately we are not supporting that feature at this point, within a month should be implemented…