How does QIQ work? (quality count)

Is there any info how QIQ counts quality index?

For example Tier, Dekstop or Mobile or any other filtered traffic increase or decrease QIQ index?
Can`t find any tutorial.

Thank you


Hello @InDja,

QIQ, also known as Qliker IP Quality, employs a sophisticated system that takes into account various factors to assess the quality of IPs and clicks. This comprehensive evaluation process considers multiple parameters, such as user IP addresses, browser types, browsing histories, and additional relevant information. By analyzing these elements, QIQ assigns a score ranging from 0 to 100 to determine the quality of an IP address or click.

The scoring mechanism employed by QIQ is designed to provide a reliable measure of IP and click quality. A higher score indicates a more favorable evaluation, suggesting that the IP address or click in question possesses desirable attributes and meets the defined criteria of quality. In other words, the closer the score is to 100, the better the IP address or click is deemed to be.

QIQ’s approach offers a comprehensive and multi-dimensional assessment, taking into consideration various aspects that can impact the quality of IPs and clicks. By considering user IPs, browser types, browsing histories, and numerous other parameters, QIQ ensures a more accurate evaluation process. This evaluation process plays a crucial role in determining the trustworthiness and reliability of IPs and clicks, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on the assigned scores.

Overall, QIQ’s IP Quality system provides a valuable tool for businesses seeking to assess the quality of IPs and clicks. By employing a range of factors and assigning scores between 0 and 100, it helps businesses distinguish between superior and inferior IP addresses or clicks, enabling them to optimize their strategies and ensure better results in various online endeavors.

Qliker Team