How rotator modes work

Qliker has 4 rotator modes for setting up your links.

1. Fulfillment mode sends all traffic in your first active URL including all repeat clicks until it has received the maximum number of clicks sent to it.

For example, you chose fulfillment mode and the first active link in your rotator needs 100 clicks to be fulfilled. All traffic will go to your first active campaign first until it receives all the 100 clicks (and the bonus clicks, if any). Then the traffic will be sent to link 2,3 etc.

2. Spillover mode sends traffic to each URL that is active in your rotator starting from the first until it reaches the last. If for example you have 5 active links in your rotator and a visitor clicks on the link, that person sees link #1. By the time he hits your rotator for the 2nd time, he will be directed to link #2 then #3 and so on until he sees all your active URLs.

3. Random mode sends each click to a random URL. So if a person hits your rotator, he might see link #1 then if he visits again, he might see link #3 or #5 basically landing on a completely random url.

4. Sequential mode sends traffic to your URLs in order from first to last. So if person A hits your rotator, he will see link #1 then if person B clicks on it, he will see link #2. But if person A hits your rotator again, he will next see link #3.

You can find the rotator modes by:

  1. Clicking on rotator in the headers menu
  2. Click on the name of what you want to set up
  3. Choose your desired rotator mode

On Finish Settings

This setting lets you choose what to do when a click visited all your active URLs. These options are Backup URL, Last URL and Top of rotator.

If you chose back-up URL, they will be directed to that specific URL when a person visited all your active links. If you filter out non-tier 1 traffic, those that are from T2 or T3 countries will be directed to that link. Choosing ‘Last URL’ as the option will make the visitor see the last URL he visited. When using ‘Top of rotator’ as your ‘On Finish’ setting, the visitor will return to the first link when he hits on your rotator again and continue the cycle.

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