How to use subID's on Qliker links

How to use subID’s on Qliker links:

Qliker allows you to easily track where your traffic is coming from through the usage of subID’s. You can use up to 5 levels of subID’s (for example You can locate information about this feature in your account with the following steps:

  1. Click on Links in the header menu
  2. Click on ‘+ Add Link’ on the top right
  3. Click on the ‘Info’ button under the ‘Tracking link’ section.

How to use subID’s

Say for example your tracking link is and you are running traffic on both Facebook and Google. Since you want to know the statistics of both sources but still use the same tracking link, you can simply use on Facebook campaigns. Qliker will automatically track these clicks and you can see different subID’s when you look at traffic quality.

Real live use case

Now let’s do a step by step real case example of how to use subID’s. First we make our tracking link:

We now save the link and we can directly use it where we want. For the sake of the example let’s say you are promoting your link either on Google Adwords or on Facebook on your profile page or in multiple Facebook groups. Then you can make the following links for tracking without having to do anything in Qliker:

After these links are created you can check the results by clicking on the TCL column of the link (these might be empty at first because you did not get any clicks yet). You will see something like this:

Now you can see that most of the traffic you get is from your Facebook group and your Facebook profile and you know you can drive more traffic there because the most clicks are coming from there.

Best practises

It is best practise to order your subID’s from general to specific, for example: Facebook > Organic/Paid > Group > Post. This way you get more specific the more subID’s you use. This allows you to start filtering on big traffic sources and to later dig deeper into the data. Always make sure to use exactly the same names as well. You can for example capitalise every word, and use the - when spaces are needed in the link (e.g. My-Group).

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