Need help with tokens / subids

hi qliker family… I am new to tracking… I am looking for a way to track the effectiveness of different traffic sources on the same link / funnel. It would have to pass through the info through external websites, rotators and ideally also to my getresponse .

I played around with tokens, but I dont know how to use them correctly … can anyone help ?

I added /[s1] to primary url but then the website only gives out an error.

also where in my stats could I see token // sub ID?

thanks a lot !!


you need to be familiar with external page if he can accept subids, [s1]is forwarding subid no.1(if existing) to external link defined in primary URL

Subid stats are show under TCL clicks, just click on TCL number to expand your stats

Hi, I have a similar question.

I’m on Nexus affiliate system - to pass the token, I’d need to add following to my main link

I have a thank you page in between, then I’m split testing affiliate offers (so it has to be via a separate link).

The token for each other action would be &sub1=[clickid] OR &sub1=[sub1]?