Qliker Basic/Advanced FIlters

Qliker FIlters

Filters are applied to your links/rotator links in order to detect bad clicks that can affect the overall statistics. There are filters in Qliker, the Main FIlters and Advanced FIlters. You can set and apply these filters in the profile settings or you can also apply filters specifically for each link. If you want to set the filters generally, you need to:

  1. Click ‘User Profile’
  2. Go to the lower tabs and click ‘Filtering’ and choose the filters you want to apply as a general setting.

Setting up ‘Main Filters’ in the ‘LInks’ Section

A user can also set-up the filters for specific links in the ‘Links’ section:

  1. Click ‘Links’
  2. Click on the link ‘Name’
  3. Click ‘Advanced Settings’
  4. Scroll down and choose the filters you want to apply

The Main Filters in the ‘Links’ section are

  1. Abuser - These are clicks from people who have high suspicious click patterns. An example of these actions is how one unique visitor will click on the tracking link multiple times in a minute.
  2. Anonymous Proxy - These are traffic that are hiding their actual IP addresses by using Virtual Private Networks, proxy servers etc.
  3. Spider - These are clicks that the search engines deem as web crawlers, validators etc.
  4. Bad User - These are clicks from IP addresses that the are manually added as bad users.
  5. Server - There are clicks from a server or a hosting company. Most of the time, scammers use these server clicks to generate fake clicks.

Setting Up ‘Main Filters’ in a Rotator

You can set up the ‘Main Filters’ in a rotator by:

  1. Clicking on ‘Rotator’.
  2. Click on Rotator ‘Name’.
  3. Click ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  4. Select filters to apply.

Setting UP ‘Advanced Filters’ for a Rotator Link3

You can set-up ‘Advanced Filters’ for a rotator link by:

  1. Clicking on ‘Rotator’.
  2. Click on ‘URLs’.
  3. Click the rotator link you want to set-up.
  4. Scroll down and set-up the ‘Advanced Filters’ of the link

The options for Advanced Filters are:

  1. No Image - Browsers who have images disabled.
  2. No Javascript - Browsers who have Javascript disabled.
  3. No JQuery - Browsers who have JQuery disabled.
  4. Frame - Loaded inside frame.