Question About The Free Trial

Hi, - can you please clarify. When I started my Qliker account I chose the free trial for 500 clicks or less per month. I haven’t used Qliker in a while and when I came to log in, it tells me my account is suspended due to non payment.

I thought that as long as I used less than 500 clicks per month that the service was free. When I try to look at the invoices they are for zero value. What is it I haven’t paid?

Hi, thank you for your question. 500 Free Clicks are just for 30 days, after that you need to upgrade your account.

Best regards, Ivo Polic.

Hey Ivo,

thanks for clarifying buddy.

I don’t recall that being stated on the sign up page, but I’ll take another look.

Ok mate, no worries :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: It was my pleasure to help.

Hi Ivo,

I did take a look at the sign up page and the Free Trial plan reads…‘500 Monthly clicks’. There’s no mention of that only lasting for one month, and the use of the word ‘Monthly’ infers on-going.

That said, I thought in my last communication that since I had not added a credit card number, that I’d made it clear that I did not want to continue with the account.

However, over a month later I’m still receiving emails telling me my payment is overdue.

I don’t want the account Ivo and a quick look will show I haven’t used it in all that time.

Can you please do me a favor and cancel the account?

Many thanks,


You need to cancel account from billing page.

Best regards, Ivo Polic.