Question re: links & rotators for ad co-op

I’m getting ready to run an ad co-op, and have a few questions:

#1: I want to use a link tracker so I can track traffic from different vendors. Can I put a rotator url as the url the link tracker redirects to?

#2: Each co-op member has ordered different amounts of traffic. If I use a sequential rotator, and client A max clicks is 300 and client B max clicks is 500, after client A receives their max clicks, will the rotator bypass client A and send the clicks on to Client B?

#3: Is there any way to remove “John Doe” from the welcome header on the public stats page? (here in the U.S. it’s rude to call a known client “John Doe”… it would be best to just not insert a name in the header)


It’s been a day and no answer yet? How long does support take to respond? This is a time-sensitive question.


Hi Chessie,

#1: Yes you can, that is a proper way of doing it…

#2: Use spillover rotator / on finish: backup link

#3: Nope, no one so far had issues with that…


Hi Igor, thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate you setting me straight about using the spillover rotator for the ad co-op.