Setup not correct...maybe blacklist but has never worked correctly. P

So i get the Purple page. I have multiple accounts and a few emsilids/domains. I need to get this cleared up cause evtyday i get saying to sctivate my aystem and then i fill out the warrior form but then dont want to finish because ive paid many times. Im subpossed to be testing qlkr and clkr. When i go to activate the account i get the magic click error page. I can send you screen shots of the exact path.
All accounts should have my bame on then Heather Uniat

Hi, qliker account under email you stated above is suspended due to late pamyent, from your message I am not able to understand why you need our service?

Because I’m not getting paid! Heather.

You have to ready first note above. The problem is I am beta testing and I am not getting paid cause any time I try to enter system I get nerrired out. I shouldn’t be blacklisted. Who is the owner?


Qliker is a link tracking service, we do not provide commission or any paid beta testing.
You can check our YouTube channel and our forum tutorials.

Qliker Team