[SOLVED] - Raw Action & Engagement Counts

Hi, I would like to request you guys to make raw Action and Engagement counts as well cause in solo ads there are a lot of repeat traffic and I would like to track the clicks as accurately as possible for each person sending me clicks. Right now, when I click on “Raw” option in the pixel builder, it doesnt change any of the pixel other than the “Sales”. Thanks!

So I want to track even if a unique click somehow got to my page twice and opt in twice under the same tracking link, I would want it to show “2” under “A” instead of “1” when I select raw

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Hi, qliker is tracking raw and uniq Action and Engagement pixels by default… Just expand stats for each of them and you will find raw statistics inside…

It would be nice if we can choose to choose raw or unique and see it without having to expand each link :slight_smile:

Yeah, I want also to see without expanding RAW % everytime.

We would need to add raw fields in main table and there is no space for them :frowning: we already tried that… maybe we can find win/win combination in close future, fixing current bugs is our priority atm… Can you open a thread regarding your request in “Qliker Feature Requests” category?