[SOLVED] - Rotator Backup Link Not Accept another Rotator Link

When I try to set my rotator backup link to another of my rotator link system show “URL you have entered seems to be invalid.”
Here’s screen shot http://prntscr.com/j21qkw
Please fix it or give me solution

Hi @rakib just hit save button it will work for now until we fix notification…

Thank you.
Another problem I’m facing that when I click all block setting my own click also go to my block link. Traffic not hit to my Primary URL. What about that? Can you inform me please?

Probably you are behind proxy/vpn and that is why it happens.

No. I’m not using any VPN/Proxy. From my browser I try to access by regular way.

Please send rotator name for a detailed check on info@qliker.io or PM me on forum

This topic is solved, if you still have a problem, send more details of rotator on info@qliker.io

Hi, I’m really sorry. I didn’t follow your reply.
Send PM to you about my Rotator Name and other info