[SOLVED] Still Huge Click Discrepancy Although Use All Block For Rotator

After my last post on this forum I set All Block for my Order Rotator too.
But still huge click difference with ClickMagick. CM showing as Filter or Blocked clicks.

My Total Send Clicks = CM UC Clicks + Blocked Clicks

But I already set “All Block” two times (Link and Rotator) for all of my incoming Clicks. So, why clickmagick showing Blocked Clicks? Qliker can’t stop block clicks when traffic first hit to my link then rotator?
Is that means Qliker can’t control some Block clicks which pass from Qliker and hit to ClickMagick as a Blocked Clicks?

You can check out my Link Setting and Rotator Setting.
I use All Block for both of them. So all of my Incoming Block Clicks should not hit to my client link.

I’m loosing too much clicks (30-40% extra) for this reason.

I request you again please check this issue seriously.

Hope I get a better solution for this.

Hi @rakib, it would work for ya if you set main filters on each rotator you have, those are some hosting spiders which engage upon link redirect since you are sending backup traffic from your “5 - Orders” to “6 - Banking” rotator… Thats why you have option on each rotator to block spiders or not, and to be clear you DIDN’T lost any of your clicks, those which you can see as blocked on CM are spider…

Ok. So you suggest me to use “All Block” for also my Banking Rotator. Right?

Yes, that would be correct.