"Split Test" explained

Split tests are done by showing your visitors different pages of the same offer and see what page gives the best results. Also called A/B tests. You can do this in Qliker and it allows you to split the traffic to two (or more) links and measure which one would have a better performance/results.

If you want to try split testing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Links’
  2. Click ‘Add Link’
  3. Check ‘Split Test’ and provide your primary URL and Split test URL
  4. Set the percentage of how much traffic you want each link to receive. For example, if you set them both to 50% then for a 500 clicks run, each of the links will receive 250 clicks each. If you want to add more weight to a link, you can freely adjust the percentage of traffic each link will receive.

When you want to check on the results of each link, click on TCL (Total Clicks) to see the statistics of each link.

After clicking, you can now compare the results of each link.