Traffic Cost Types

Traffic Cost Types

Qliker gives you the option to fill in the cost or value that you paid for each click. This allows you to calculate the cost of your traffic, based on the calculation you set. Below we outline some examples of calculations.

List of Traffic Cost Types

  1. Total - total cost how much you paid for all the traffic/clicks.
  2. CPC (Cost per Click) - shows how much you paid for each unique click (one person is only counted once, even if they click multiple times).
  3. CPC Raw - shows how much you paid for each click (2 clicks from the same person are counted as 2 clicks).
  4. CPC raw include filtered clicks - it calculates all the raw clicks including the filtered ones.
  5. CPA (Cost per Action) - shows how much you paid for each action.
  6. CPS (Cost per Sale) - calculates the cost of the sale
  7. Daily Cost - shows the cost of traffic you paid daily
  8. Monthly - cost of your monthly traffic

If you want to set up the specific cost of traffic in your Qliker links simply go to:

  1. Links “header”
  2. Click on the link name
  3. Click ‘Show Advanced Settings’
  4. Give value to ‘Traffic Cost’
  5. Choose the traffic cost type you want

Choosing any of the traffic cost types will automatically calculate the return of Investment (ROI) and will be shown in the stats of your link.

Here is an example when you place the value of CPC (cost per click) at $0.30.

By saving this setting, you will now see the ROI at the stats bar showing the percentage of your gain/loss from the traffic you paid.

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