Use of Direct link: Regular Direct vs Direct S

Regular Direct Link

Direct links are links that send your visitors directly to your offer or affiliate links. This link will only work in one (1) of your rotators. If you want to send traffic from multiple rotators to one link to complete the amount of clicks as soon as possible you want to use a Regular Direct Link.

Direct Spillover Link

Direct Spillover links are useful if you are running an offer on multiple rotators. For example, if you have a client and you want to push his offer to multiple rotators, you can put your client’s link to your main rotator and add the Direct Spillover link to your other rotators. By doing this, you can maximize the traffic sent and combine multiple sources of traffic. The spillover link will follow the set-up of the fulfillment mode wherein, if the visitor already saw the link via another rotator then it will go directly to the next link in that rotator.

You can find these links by:

  1. Clicking Rotator on the Header
  2. Click the link name
  3. Scroll down and copy the link you want to use

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